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QSL Gallery v0.3

Paolo Subiaco

1 Introduzione

What are QSL? They are postal cards used to confirm connections between amateur radio people (OMs). When two OMs made a long radio connection, they usually exchange a card within their personal and connection informations, and a pretty photo.

This software, written in PHP4, permit users to store their QSL in a web server and view other QSL sorted by country, so this software is usable in the internet<->packet radio gateways as a nice service for the hamradio users.

Actually, the software was only tested in Linux, but it probably works in other operating systems too.

The software is release with the GNU General Public License: this means that the software is ``OpenSource'' and you can modify it without asking us, with the promise to redistribuite the new software modified by your own providing all sources. Please refer to the license specification at the URL

2 Requirements

You need at least a web server capable of parsing PHP pages: you can use the most used http server Apache

Consider that the php script need to access to its directories with writing permission: if your web server run as UID=nobody and GID=nogroup, you must grant permissions to nobody or nogroup.

The package tree is indicated below, indicating with ``[*]'' the whole directories and files which must have writing permissions to the webserver UID or GID:

3 Installation

  1. Select a directory non accessable by the webserver, for example /home/iw3grx/qsl-0.3and uncompress the tarball:
    cd /home/iw3grx/qsl-0.3
    tar xvzf /home/iw3grx/qsl-0.3.tar.gz
  2. Then, create a simbolic link between /home/iw3grx/qsl-0.3/html and a directory reachable by the webserver, for example /var/www/html/qsl:
    ln -s /home/iw3grx/qsl-0.3/html /var/www/html/qsl
  3. Finally, be sure that the create directories and file have the right permissions: they must all be readable by the http server, and the files/directories specified above with the ``[*]'' must be both readable and writable by the http server.
  4. Now try to connect http://yourhost/qsl and enjoy the QSL Gallery.

4 Conclusions

For any informations, please refer to the website, hosted by, where you will found all documents about.

For any suggestion or bug report, please post a message in the appropriate forum at the URL

If you are interested about developing this software with us, please compile the subscription form at the URL; if will install the software, please tell us where this software is installed, compiling the registration form at the same URL, so your server will be added to the list where the software is installed.

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QSL Gallery v0.3

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